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Online Training Course in October 2022

Online Training Course 

Dates:  2-3-9-10th of October 2022

Participants: 5 youth workers aged 18+ per partner organization

Educational Methodology: Non Formal Education and ETS


– Ice Breaking and Teambuilding Activities to lay the grounds of the learning process.

– Introduction of participants to the challenges of mentally disabled young people in partner countries and at the global level.

– Introduction of participants to the role of Sport in promoting social inclusion and personal development of mentally disabled young people.

– Theoretical introduction of participants to the ETS methodology and to its differences and similarities with Sport and Non Formal Education.

– Presentation of good practices in promoting social inclusion of mentally disabled young people through ETS.

– Identification of gaps in existing offer.

– SWOT Analysis and identification of salient elements of a positive ETS approach.

– Theoretical session and simulation of the role of Trainers in ETS programmes involving young people with mental disability.

– ETS workshops on disability.

– Creation of ETS tools for implementation in phase of local work.

– Planning phase of local work.


The training course was implemented online during 2 weekends ( 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th of October) from 3 pm to 6.30 pm. We decided dates and time according to participants’ availability and taking into consideration the time difference between partner countries, especially between Mexico and Vietnam.

In total we trained 35 participants from partner organizations coming from NFE sector and with different backgrounds.

The training was supposed to take place on-site in Vietnam. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, partners agreed to implement it online. This change required us to adapt the training format to the online fruition, in view of the fact that the main topic and activities were related to the Education Through Sport. 

Wayward Seminar in Mexico

Seminar in Mexico (Acapulco de Juarez)

Dates: 16-20th of May 2022

Participants: Youth workers who took part in project Training Course (5 youth workers aged 18+ per partner country)


– Participants’ presentations: Introducing the activities and the results achieved in the phase of local work

– Analysis of success, underachievement, similarities and differences between results achieved in partner countries.

– Presentation of national groups’ contributions to the Manual and analysis.

– Creating synergies between geographical context: Guidelines for general applicability of Manual methodology.

– Theoretical session: Digital learning and web design (Basics)

– Brainstorming groups: Manual

– Production of Manual Draft

– Brainstorming groups: Web Platform. 



Local Workshops Implemented  in Greece

Local Workshops Implemented in Italy

Local Worksops Implemented in Bulgaria

Local Workshops Implemented in Mexico



Local Workshops Implemented in Ireland



Local Workshops Implemented in Vietnam