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We have two events coming up for the year 2021:

Training Course in Vietnam (Hanoi)

Dates:  Spring 2021

Participants: 5 youth workers aged 18+ per partner organization

Educational Methodology: Non Formal Education and ETS


– Ice Breaking and Teambuilding Activities to lay the grounds of the learning process.

– Introduction of participants to the challenges of mentally disabled young people in partner countries and at the global level.

– Introduction of participants to the role of Sport in promoting social inclusion and personal development of mentally disabled young people.

– Theoretical introduction of participants to the ETS methodology and to its differences and similarities with Sport and Non Formal Education.

– Presentation of good practices in promoting social inclusion of mentally disabled young people through ETS.

– Identification of gaps in existing offer.

– SWOT Analysis and identification of salient elements of a positive ETS approach.

– Theoretical session and simulation of the role of Trainers in ETS programmes involving young people with mental disability.

– ETS workshops on disability.

– Creation of ETS tools for implementation in phase of local work.

– Planning phase of local work.

Seminar in Mexico (Acapulco de Juarez)

Dates: September 2021

Participants: Youth workers who took part in project Training Course (5 youth workers aged 18+ per partner country)


– Participants’ presentations: Introducing the activities and the results achieved in the phase of local work

– Analysis of success, underachievement, similarities and differences between results achieved in partner countries.

– Presentation of national groups’ contributions to the Manual and analysis.

– Creating synergies between geographical context: Guidelines for general applicability of Manual methodology.

– Theoretical session: Digital learning and web design (Basics)

– Brainstorming groups: Manual

– Production of Manual Draft

– Brainstorming groups: Web Platform.